At the recent Shot Show in Las Vegas, a show specifically for dealers of firearms, Glock reported they have more than 600,000 guns and 1,200,000 magazines on current backorder.  The panic created by the Administration’s ambition to limit choices in firearm and magazine capabilities has created a mad dash to buy all things related to weapons.  Many of the fear-driven buyers are also hoarding our available supply of ammunition to the degree that law enforcement is unable to do training because their low stockpile of ammo prevents wasting it on preparation and practice.  What a shame.  If I could make a suggestion please……CALM DOWN!!!   

I completely understand that in the mind of the few resides a notion that Zombies are going to come from the grave and join the evil empire from Washington and rob us of all our ammunition, gun, magazine, 5.11 pants and cool hats.  I also am well aware that the more common fear is that the economy will collapse creating world-wide famine, murder and riots in the street and door-to-door homicides in search of peanut butter, chicken breasts and wheat bread.  I get that.  Still…..CALM DOWN!!!

I love our Second Amendment as much as anyone but let’s just take a deep breath and review our history.  It was in TEXAS in 1871 that an amendment was passed to regulate the ownership of arms.  We overcame.  Fast forward to 2008 when our current President was elected and before that with the Clinton assault rifle ban.  Prices skyrocketed, supplies became short and there was great concern over our freedoms being ripped from our hands by gun-hating lawmakers.  Somehow we overcame and normalcy was restored.  Ammunition prices slowly returned to affordable levels, guns were back on shelves and smiles returned to the faces of those cammo wearing brothers and sisters of mine.  Yes, peace was in the valley. 

So, when you’re standing in line thinking of adding to your already HUGE pile of $30/box 9mm ammo maybe you could just take a deep breath and put that wallet back in your pocket.  Give this a little time and I’ll bet you will once again be happy to spend $12 for the same box.  And, rather than taking a second mortgage on your family home to buy two AR’s at $3K each, turn around and grab a shotgun for $300 and take your kid hunting.  We’ll all win if you do that.

No question that things are pretty goofy right now and the NRA is doing its best to protect our rights and not look like a bunch of felon-enabling anarchists.  We can all play a part in the solution by just calming down a bit, taking that long deep breath that provides oxygen to a brain so desperately needed to reason through this and find solutions that aren’t based on panic.  In the meantime, take a defensive pistol class and learn how to really use your handgun for defense rather than just another implement in your collective arsenal. 

Safe Shooting Texans…..