I continue every week to be surprised at the ongoing change to the “average” student in my sessions.  What not all that long ago was predominately driven by men wanting to improve their shooting skills is now by majority women learning to handle a firearm to protect themselves.  GOOD FOR YOU LADIES!  You don’t need, nor should you expect, a man to be your protection.  Take gun in hand, get the training you need, and be prepared. 

I was speaking with a group of school teachers a few days ago as we sat in class and the overwhelming concern is not end of times, the apocalypse or zombies.  They are genuinely concerned about the students who for a decade now have grown up with violent media and loose parenting.  They are concerned about the lack of judgment many seem to have, the availability of alcohol and drugs and the total disregard for respect of life or adults.  THAT my friend is not the neighborhood Mr. Rogers lives in.  These teachers are nervous for their own safety and are getting prepared for what they each feel is an inevitable conflict with a student one day.  How very sad. 

We have several classes that are perfect for our female customers and are thrilled at the response.  Groups of friends are learning the right way to shoot and are having a ball.  Ladies, you ROCK!