All too often when I’m at the range I see people shooting at static targets with long intervals between shots and leaving with a sense of safety because they were able to place rounds within a few inches of the “X.”  While I agree completely that coming to the range and practicing is never really a bad thing it certainly can develop in us habits and expectations that could get us killed.  If our total self defense preparation is limited to this type shooting then I fear there is a terrible surprise coming if ever we are forced into truly pulling a gun and defending ourselves.  Where is the tactical accuracy when exposed to pressure, even panic? 

We are preparing now to offer true defensive shooting classes.  We will drill in the midst of pressure how to draw, pull, point and shoot so that we walk away to live another day.  This will NOT be a basic course but not limited to high level experts either.  Keep an eye on this space for more details or check with The Gun Zone.